Choose my own adventure – Madrid project will be in Madrid in the frame of the Fringe Madrid Festival the beginning of August.

We will develope a life performance and previously to that: a web based project where you will be able to interact through this website and to send your proposal, your comments or your suggestions, every day from July the 30th to August the 2nd. Some of the ideas will be chosen and we will make a video based on your contribution and we will post it on the website the following day.

You can download the instructions at the following link: instructions.

The Final Show

If you want to attend to the final show you have to make a reservation in the phone (0034) 683 671 658, or writing to Remember, only 1 person (or a couple) by session.

Contact mail:

What would I like to do?

What do I want her to do?

What could she do for me?